TOPCO Strategic Goals for Sustainable Development

To fulfill CSR and keep up with the international trends, we actively address the stakeholder’s concerns about ESG risk assessment and countermeasures in order to achieve sustainable operations, we have thus established the ESG Promotion Committee in accordance with the Company’s Sustainable Development Best-Practice Principles in December, 2021. In 2015 the United Nations (UN) announced 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) as the guiding principles for short-, medium-, and longterm sustainable development. In terms of four macroscopictrends:environmental sustainability, social well-being, corporate governance, and sustainable innovation, we set our strategic goals for sustainable development as the guidelines for responsive action.


TOPCO’s corresponding actions to SDGs

Whether it is practicing ESG or echoing Taiwan’s sustainable development goals, TOPCO promotes environmental and social development with its core business, and implements corporate social responsibility. Step by step, we work hard to practice step by step, and the actual performance and medium and long-term planning are summarized as follows: