《ESG》Employee salary ranking of listed companies TOPCO ranked second in the electronic channel industry

According to the “Salary of Non-Supervisor Full-time Employees” of 897 listed companies published by the Taiwan Stock Exchange on July 3 2023, the average annual salary of non-supervisory employees at TOPCO is 1.787 million, ranking 37th among listed companies in Taiwan. This represents a significant increase of 31.7% compared to last year’s annual salary of 1.529 million. Additionally, TOPCO holds the second position among the 20 listed companies in the electronics distribution industry in Taiwan, showcasing its industry-leading employee salary.

The scope and definition of this “full-time employee salary information for non-supervisory positions” differ from the “2022 annual financial report employee salary information” disclosed on June 1 this year, as it excludes managers and part-time employees. This allows a more focused analysis of the salary level of regular employees. The stock exchange stated that the disclosed information covers the number of employees, total salary, average, and median salary of full-time employees in non-supervisory positions reported by listed companies. Temporary personnel and managers are excluded to provide insights primarily on the salary of ordinary permanent employees.