Carbon Reduction Planning and Measures

We began to persistently inventory GHG emissions in 2019 and acquired the GHG verification statement. According to ISO 14064- 1:2018, we inventoried and reported GHG emissions based on the verification standards of the Protocol. The verification data was reasonably measured and calculated, and the verification results found no nonconformity to the substantial limits, and the verification data meets the reasonable level of assurance.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Electricity and fuel for transportation are the main sources of our GHG emissions. In response to the UN SDGs and CSR development, we enforce our environmental protection and energy conservation measures featuring “environmental protection, energy conservation, and love Earth” in routine operations. Hence, we reduce electricity and fuel consumption, hoping to reduce GHG emissions by 1% within 3 years.

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In 2021, the annual total emissions were 8.6% less than 2020.

Medium and long-term mitigation plans-Equal emphasis on mitigation and adaptation

In accordance with Taiwan’s 2050 net-zero emissions path and strategic plan, we follow the implementation of climate-related management and adaptation measures. TOPCO mainly uses “mitigation” and “adaptation” for medium and long-term planning.