Energy Conservation and Management

In view of the global situation, as climate change, resource depletion, and energy shortages have become the important issues of enterprises. Upholding the commitment of environmental sustainability, we began to use the new green corporate identity to represent vitality in 2015 to announce our determination to maintain environmental protection.

As a materials and equipment distributor, we provide knowledge and technical services and engage no manufacturing activities. Although we do not produce wastewater or exhaust, we still uphold our responsibility for environmental sustainability. Through constantly implementing energy conservation and carbon emissions at the HQ building from energy conservation, water conservation, and paper conservation, we deeply understand the significant environmental impact of products and services. Hence, from the selection of product sources, packages, and recycling, we carefully consider their potential environmental impacts in order to reduce their environmental burdens to contribute to our environment.

Power management

In electricity consumption for lighting, to enforce environmental protection and energy conservation, we began to progressively replace all lamps with LED lamps in 2013. Also, we installed sensor lighting fixtures at the motorcycle parking lot and turn off office lighting for 1.5 hours each day. Additionally, the TOPCO HQ Building has four independent electricity meters for each of the telecommunication facilities, public facilities, floors 1–5, and offices on floors 6–8, and each of other business locations (Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung) is also equipped with an independent electricity meter. In terms of aircon, by setting the startup sequence through the remote monitoring devices under the energy conservation project. Besides turning on aircon automatically at 07:00 and turning off aircon automatically at 19:00, and the temperature of each floor is set to reduce electricity consumption. Additionally, chillers, elevators, aircon fans are maintained regularly, and some elevators are shut down on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays to reduce electricity consumption.

In 2021 total electricity consumption reduced by 3.14% over 2020. Besides constantly optimizing electricity consumption management, producing statistics on electricity consumption, and reporting to the supervisors, we also enhance awareness education to encourage employees to practice electricity conservation in order to achieve electricity conservation and regularly manage and adjust the reasonable contract electricity consumption.

Energy conservation target for 2022: Electricity consumption at 4% less than 2021 per person.

Total electricity consumption in the past 3 years

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At TOPCO, we have a total of 77 company cars divided into officer (personal) cars and business cars.we also set mileage limits and maintain regular maintenance as necessary to ensure vehicle condition to maximize their efficiency. Additionally, the better the vehicle condition is, the less environmental impact that company cars will cause. For vehicles exceeding the mileage limits, breaking traffic regulations, and having abnormal fuel consumption, we will follow up and manage them and make improvement to ensure the annual reduction of fuel consumption. Hence, although the business volume has been increasing these years, the frequency of business car use in 2021 remained unchanged. Additionally, through good follow-up and maintenance, steady fuel consumption was maintained.

Statistics of total oil consumption in the past 3 years

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Paper Management

Through centralized procurement, we unify the lease of multi-function printers of all floors of the HQ building and replace with new equipment the 3-year lease to maintain equipment in the best condition and enhance equipment efficiency and performance. All multi-function printers on each floor are equipped with access control to facilitate management units to effectively manage paper consumption through system setup and analyze the paper consumption of each department with statistical techniques.

In the future, we can make continual improvement through constant monitoring and provide correct data management reports for all units to review the fairness of paper consumption in order to request users to take self-control through this transparent model of machine paper consumption management to avoid a waste of resources. We will also enhance the publicity of energy consumption, carbon reduction, and paper conservation.

In 2021, total paper consumption was 4.48% less than 2020. Annual target for paper consumption in 2022: 5% less than 2021.

Total paper consumption in the past 3 years

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Water Management

We have no factories. Therefore, we do not produce wastewater, except for domestic sewage. Although we do not plan sewage recycling or rainwater reclamation, we have installed taps with water-efficient showerheads at the pantries and lavatories on each floor, enhanced internal publicity on the concept and knowledge of water conservation, and posted saving water slogans near water-consuming equipment.

In 2021 total water consumption was 13.69% less than 2020, achieving the 2021 water conservation target, total water consumption was 5% less than 2020.Annual target for paper consumption in 2022: 5% less than 2021.

Total water consumption in the past 3 years

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