Follow international quality management principles

We passed the certification of the ISO 9001 quality management system in 2009. To conform with the latest international quality management standards and ensure the provision of products and services in conformity to customer requirements, we implemented the version change to ISO 9001:2015 during 2017–2018 and successfully passed certification at the end of 2018. In 2018, we passed the triennial re-verification of ISO 9001 and obtained the 3-year certificate. In 2019, we successfully extended certification to our major subsidiary Topco Scientific (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. In the future, we will continue to expand the scope of ISO 9001 certification to all overseas TOPCO locations for a total upgrade of product and service quality.

To meet the requirements of customers in the automotive industry and our own expectation for higher quality, we and subsidiary TopChem Materials Corporation challenged the IATF 16949 certification. The project was kicked off in 2019H2, the preparation and application were made in 2020, the actual certification took place in January 2021, and we obtained the certificate in 2021Q2.