Sustainable Action

Establishing the ESG Promotion Committee

To fulfill CSR and keep up with the international trends, we actively address the stakeholder’s concerns about ESG risk assessment and countermeasures in order to achieve sustainable operations, we have thus established the ESG Promotion Committee in accordance with the Company’s Sustainable Development Best-Practice Principles in December 2021. The committee is chaired by the group chairperson, with senior officers as the conveners of respective strategic teams. The committee holds at least one meeting quarterly or extraordinary meetings as necessary. The CSO reports the committee status to the Board from time to time.

Implement Continuing Operations Management (BCM)

TOPCO Group defined the scope of business continuity management (BCM) at the beginning, assessed and analyzed risks, and drew up emergency recovery plans. The Group also enforced and followed the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure that the Company could ensure the continuous provision of key services for important customers at the acceptable lowest operation level. Through drills and tests, we optimize response efficiency and preparedness to maintain steady progress in occurrences in order to respond to the trust in TOPCO of all stakeholders

We maintain well preparedness to optimize response efficiency. In consideration of the response measures against more anomalies, we integrated the Company’s development policies in advance in order to maintain business continuity in emergency. Each year we arrange drills periodically to demonstrate our corporate resilience.In 2021, we performed seven test items in the drill to smoothly complete the resilience test.

Simulated Scenario Frequency Test Targets
Fire – Firefighting drill 2 times/year Scenarios on holidays and weekdays are simulated in the drill to demonstrate the efficiency of emergency mobilization in occurrences.
Typhoon – Typhoon prevention drill 1 time/year
Natural disasters – Earthquake evacuation drill 1 time/year The evacuation scenario is simulated at the office building on weekdays to improve the hazard judgment and evacuation smoothness.
Serious infectious diseases – Quick test drill Subject to the epidemic condition Operations are arranged by zone, by group, and by turn to respond to epidemics to ensure epidemic control and operation maintenance.
Serious infectious diseases – Offsite operation drill Subject to the epidemic condition Social engineering drill is drilled. Re-education is arranged for those who accidentally click the link to enhance their awareness of information security and capability of emergency response.
Information security – Phishing mail alert drill Irregularly After the handling of firewall administrators, if it is unable t o restore and reactivate within a short time, administrators will immediately switch with the backup firewall.
Information security – Firewall attack drill 2 times/year The evacuation scenario is simulated at the office building on weekdays to improve the hazard judgment and evacuation smoothness.

Strengthening RBA commitment and compliance with anti-corruption policies

We adopt the Joint CSR Declaration on important suppliers, invite important suppliers to abide by the RBA Code of Conduct, make commitment on enforcing corporate governance, develop environmental sustainability, maintain social welfare, and enhance CSR information disclosure.

We insist that all suppliers must respect workers and include Human Rights Assessment in new supplier selection, request suppliers to respect employee human rights in accordance with international standards, such as UDHR, SAI, and ETI, and behave in conformity to human rights in issues including voluntary labor, no child labor, statutory working hours, statutory wage, humane work environment, no discrimination over gender/nationality/race/disabilities, and freedom of association. We request all suppliers to respect employee human rights for employees to work in a friendly workplace environment without worries.

We prioritize new suppliers and new products emphasizing environmental protection. We insist that the sales unit shall evaluate a new product or new supplier with the New Product (Supplier) & Transaction Change Evaluation Sheet. Besides filing supplier information, product development status, transaction mode, and anticipated customers, our QC Center will review items including the supplier basic data sheet, certificate of analysis (COA), safety data sheet (SDS), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, and supplier CSR/ESG implementation strategies to understand the preliminary performance in sustainable development of suppliers. From May 2019, we requested all new suppliers to sign the CSR Declaration. At the end of the year, we followed up the performance. In 2021, 93.5% suppliers already signed the declaration .FromMay2019,we requested all new suppliers to sign the CSR Declaration.At the end of the year, we followed up the performance. In 202193.5% suppliers already signed the declaration(including suppliers already implemented CSR).

TOPCO "CSR Declaration" Response Rate Statistics

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Note: The return rate is lower than that of 2020. The main reason is that the supplier does not understand the content of the "Corporate Social Responsibility Declaration" and has actively explained and promoted it.

Promoting local supply chains

Suppliers are important partners of Topco Technology for sustainable operation. In order to reduce the supply risk and cost of the supply chain, Chongyue actively cooperates with suppliers to provide localized supply, which can not only shorten the delivery time and reduce transportation risks, but also reduce the risk of remote areas. Transport carbon emissions and create local jobs.

The main suppliers Shin-Etsu and NAMICS are from Japan in the past, and newly added in Taiwan.TopcoTechnology has grown together with suppliers and customers, and continues to promote the localization of the supply chain under the premise of win-win situation.

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In 2021, the annual non-business procurement contract, the proportion of local procurement

TOPCO Group of Biodiversity Policy

Biodiversity has provided people’s survival needs for a long time. Food, medicine, building materials, clothing, chemical raw materials and various substances in life are provided by various organisms. Human beings enjoy biodiversity The multiple values and outcomes brought about by sexuality.

In the course of the advanced development of society, human beings have over-consumed the resources possessed by the earth, which has created a crisis of breaking the ecological balance and losing biodiversity. Maintaining biodiversity is also protecting cultural diversity, seeking environmental protection and maintaining biodiversity, so that people can enjoy social progress and economic balance at the same time.

Practice of Policy

TOPCO’s policy is to:

  1. Ensuring that all subsidiaries conduct biodiversity relevant to their business operations, using the impact of responsible sourcing.
  2. Continue to join various advocacy activities, in different forms, so that colleagues can better understand the possible crisis of biodiversity, and pay attention and practice.
  3. Advocate and arouse colleagues and their families and friends about environmental protection and climate issues, and promote the use of natural resources that are important to biodiversity.
  4. Promote awareness of biodiversity and conservation issues among employees, customers, suppliers and those who do business with the company.
  5. Strengthen the development of recycling technology for environmental engineering, and fulfill corporate sustainable responsibility with core capabilities.

The policy of Diversity and Inclusion

Through our strategies and policies, we have created a workplace culture with essential elements such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. A diverse and inclusive workplace environment means that every employee can have the same space to play, allowing employees be comfortable in the workplace environment.

All employees are recruited and promoted based on job performance, and efforts are made to eliminate all forms of prejudice and discrimination, provide equal opportunities, and implement talent diversity. Our goal is to develop the talents of our employees so that they benefit and make business wise.

TOPCO group is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for all employees, regardless of age, gender, family status, disability, race, ethnic background, nationality, religion or political opinion. We are deeply committed to creating an environment where employees can work with peace of mind and make the best of their abilities.

We do our best to incorporate the principles of diversity and inclusion into our employmentrelated policies, and it is the responsibility of all employees to work together to create an inclusive environment. This is a group policy that applies to all employees of TOPCO. All subsidiaries may formulate their own diversity and inclusion policies in accordance with the principles of this policy.