Sustainable action

Establishing the ESG Promotion Committee

To fulfill CSR and keep up with international trends, we actively address stakeholders’ concerns about ESG risk assessment and countermeasures in order to achieve sustainable operations. We have thus established the ESG Promotion Committee in accordance with the Company’s “Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles” in December 2021. The committee is chaired by CSO, with senior officers as the conveners of respective strategic teams. The committee holds at least one meeting quarterly or extraordinary meetings as necessary. The Chief Sustainability Officer reports the committee status to the Board from time to time.

The committee has been established to assist the Board in constantly promoting CSR and improving corporate governance in order to achieve sustainable operations. Its duties include:

1.Set the direction and goals of CSR and sustainable development and draw up the relevant management approaches and specific implementation plans.

2.Communicate and implement tasks relating to ethical corporate management and risk management.

3. Follow up, review, and revise the status and effectiveness of CSR implementation.

4.Other matters assigned by the Board.

ESG Promotion Committee – Organizational framework

Implement Continuing Operations Management (BCM)

The Group defined the scope of business continuity management (BCM) at the beginning, assessed and analyzed risks, and drew up emergency recovery plans. The Group also enforced and followed the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure that the Company could ensure the continuous provision of key services for important customers at the acceptable lowest operation level. Through drills and tests, we optimize response efficiency and preparedness to maintain steady progress during emergencies in order to respond to the trust of all stakeholders in TOPCO.

We maintain proper preparedness to optimize response efficiency. In consideration of the response measures against more anomalies, we integrate the Company’s development policies in advance in order to maintain business continuity during emergencies. Each year, we arrange drills periodically to demonstrate our corporate resilience. In 2022, we performed seven test items in the drills to smoothly complete the resilience test.

Simulated Scenario Frequency
Fire – Firefighting drill 2 times/year
Typhoon – Typhoon prevention drill 1 time/year
Natural disasters – Earthquake evacuation drill 1 time/year
Serious infectious diseases – Quick test drill Subject to the epidemic condition
Serious infectious diseases – Offsite operation drill Subject to the epidemic condition
Information security – Phishing mail alert drill Irregularly
Information security – Firewall attack drill 2 times/year
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Strengthening RBA commitment and compliance with anti-corruption policies

We adopt the Joint CSR Declaration for important suppliers, invite important suppliers to abide by the RBA Code of Conduct, commit to enforcing corporate governance, develop environmental sustainability, maintain social welfare, and enhance CSR information disclosure.

We insist that all suppliers must respect workers and include Human Rights Assessment in new supplier selection, request suppliers to respect employee human rights in accordance with international standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Social Accountability International, and Ethical Trading Initiative, and behave in conformity to human rights in issues including voluntary labor, no child labor, statutory working hours, statutory wage, humane working environment, no discrimination due to gender/nationality/race/disabilities, and freedom of association. We request all suppliers to respect employee human rights for employees to work in a friendly working environment without worries.

We voluntarily adhere to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and agree to abide by the anti-corruption regulations of operating locations. To set the standards for corporate governance and CSR and establish the risk control mechanism, we uphold the principle of zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption. From May 2019, we requested all new suppliers to sign the CSR Declaration. At the end of the year, we followed up the performance. In 2022, 97.6% of suppliers already signed the declaration (including suppliers already that implemented CSR).

Promoting local supply chains

Suppliers are important partners in our sustainable business operations. To reduce the supply risks and costs of the supply chain, we actively engage in supply localization with suppliers. Apart from shortening delivery times and lowering transportation risks, this can also reduce carbon emissions from transportation and create local job opportunities. The major suppliers Shin-Etsu Chemical, NAMICS, TRI CHEMICAL, and Fujimi have increased made-in-Taiwan products in addition to made-in-Japan products in the past. By growing together with suppliers and customers, we continuously promote supply chain localization based upon the win-win principle.

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In 2021, the annual non-business procurement contract, the proportion of local procurement

TOPCO Group of Biodiversity Policy

Biodiversity has been supplying the daily necessities for human survival over time. For example, food, medication, construction materials, clothes, chemicals, and various daily life substances are all supplied by various living organisms, and human beings enjoy the multiple values and achievements brought by biodiversity.

The over-consumption of the Earth’s resources during the high development of human society has brought forth crises of ecological imbalance and biodiversity loss. Maintaining biodiversity also means protecting cultural diversity. Seeking environmental protection and maintaining biodiversity are the only way for human beings to enjoy social progress and economic balance.

Policy practice

Our policy practice is committed to:

  1. Ensuring all subsidiaries engaging with biodiversity relating to their business operations demonstrate the influence of responsible procurement.
  2. Continuously joining various initiatives and activities for employees to understand more about the potential crises of biodiversity through different ways and care about and practice biodiversity.
  3. Promoting and arousing concerns about environmental protection and climate change in employees and their families and encouraging the use of natural resources that are most important to biodiversity.
  4. Raising the awareness of biodiversity and conservation affairs in employees, customers, suppliers, and those having business with the Company.
  5. Strengthening the development of recycling technology in environmental engineering and fulfilling CSR with core competencies.
Review of TOPCO’s impact on biodiversity

The policy of Diversity and Inclusion

Through strategy and approach, we have developed a workplace culture featuring diversity, equity, and inclusion and a working environment of diversity and inclusion to provide employees with a space for demonstrating their talent and include themselves in the working environment.

Performance is our primary concern for employee employment and promotion. By eliminating all forms of bias and discrimination, we provide equal opportunities to maintain diversity. Employee talent development is our goal. Apart from benefiting employees, this is also a wise way for business operations.

We are committed to creating an inclusive working environment with mutual support for all employees, regardless of age, gender, family status, disabilities, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or political affiliation. Creating a working environment for employees to work without worries and demonstrate their talent is one of our corporate missions.

We endeavor to include the diversity and inclusivity principles in employment-related policies, and it is also the responsibility for all employees to create an inclusive environment together. This is a group policy applicable to all TOPCO employees. All subsidiaries can establish their own diversity and inclusivity policies based this policy.