Transparent and open evaluation system

Transparent and open evaluation system

We have an open and fair performance evaluation system. Through reviewing career development and after communicating with the immediate supervisor, each employee can set their annual performance targets. Performance evaluation will be conducted on these targets each year for the reference of salary adjustment, bonus distribution, and future promotion. In 2022, the percentage of employees who has been employed for 3 months receiving regular performance and career development reviews was 100%.

Evaluation System Process

Employee Remuneration

We have established a comprehensive remuneration policy and framework and performance bonus regulations for salary employees based on their education, seniority (service length), experience, and duties in order to attract, encourage, reward, and retain outstanding talent. Besides ensuring no differential treatment of employees based on gender, we also meet the CSR employee safety and the Company’s regulations to maintain a reasonable and fair salary structure and thereby encourage employees to improve competence and create better performance.

We have introduced a reasonable performance evaluation system and combined it with promotion and rewards in order to reward or punish employees appropriately based on their performance. We have also established management regulations related to rewards and punishments and announced them on the EIP for employees to inquire and follow in order to provide them with a dependable system for reward and punishment.

In terms of the offers for employment, our pay standard for base-level employees is higher than that of the statutory requirements, and there is no gender difference.

Year Non-supervisor employees Basic Wage
2022 Bachelor’s degree Master’s degree
36500 44500 25250
v.s. Basic Wage 1.4455 1.7624
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Annual average earnings and median earnings of non-supervisor employees
Year 2020 2021 2022
Annual Average Earnings of Non- Supervisor 1,463,000/person 1,529,000/person 1,787,000/person
Annual Median Earnings of Non- Supervisor Employees 1,105,000/person 1,179,000/person 1,345,000/person
Annual total remuneration ratio (1) 0.14029999999999998 0.1591 16.86%
Salary Change Ratio (2) 7.04% 3.14% 1.48%
Note 1: Annual total remuneration ratio (times) = the ratio of the highest paid individual‘s annual total compensation / the median annual total compensation of other employees
Note 2: Salary Change Ratio (times) = the change rate of the annual total salary of the highest paid individual/the change rate of the median annual total salary of other employees
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Range of salary adjustment in the last three years
Year 2020 2021 2022
Overall salary adjustment 0%~7.5% 0%~7.5% 0.8%~24.9%
non-supervisor employees 0%~7.5% 0%~7.5% 1.9%~24.9%
supervisor employees 0%~4.5% 0%~4.5% 0.8%~8.5%
Note: This year's promotion rate has increased, and the salary adjustment rate has increased.
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Profit sharing is our basic commitment to employees. To enforce our profit sharing philosophy, we offer stock ownership, stock option, and year-end bonus systems. In accordance with Article 20 of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, “If there is profit, no less than 4% shall be appropriated as the reward for employees”. A performance bonus system has been introduced and bonuses are distributed based on the Company’s status of operations to reward employees for their efforts and performance at work.

Besides the said salary and rewards, to encourage employees to focus on the Company’s long-term operational performance to achieve the Company’s sustainable operations, we have also established the employee stock ownership trust (ESOT) to trust the management and utilization of the shares owned by employees to help the ESOT committee to accumulate wealth for employees and make the retirement life or resignation life of members more stable.

We appreciate your effort:Senior Staff Celebration

In addition to the leadership and management philosophy of the operator TOPCO is still standing firm today. We are also grateful to all the colleagues who have contributed silently for a long time. TOPCO has been deeply involved in the semiconductor industry for more than 30 years. We would like to thank our colleagues for dedicating the best years of their lives to the company. Your efforts and dedication are an important driving force for TOPCO. In 2022, we have 165 colleagues with 10, 20 and 30 years of experience.

Commendation of excellent employees
Commendation of excellent employees