2022 Sustainability Performance Highlights

Operational performance reached a new high

0 bil. +

Consolidated Revenue Breakthrough

0 NTD +

Earnings per share after tax

0 NTD +

Cash dividend per share

0 %

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Reduction)

0 %

Total Electricity Reduction (Savings)

0 %

Fuel saving for official vehicles

0 %

Total water consumption decreased

0 t

Circular economy development

Taoyuan Metro Station A7 Water Recycling Center
Assist in the treatment of daily domestic sewage in the Taoyuan area

Corporate Governance

Risk Management Mechanism

Integrating “Climate Risk” into Risk Management Policies
Formulate sustainable investment operation methods and incorporate ESG evaluation and analysis policies of investment targets

Top 6~20%

The company affairs evaluation ranking has been improved year by year

2 female directors

The board of directors is composed diversely to increase the proportion of female


2050 Net Zero Target

(Scope 1+2 will be reduced by 95% in 2030, and carbon neutrality will be achieved in 2050)

Commitment to introduce renewable energy

(10% by 2024, 100% by 2030)

Commitment to use electric official vehicles

(Comprehensive replacement will be completed in 2030)

Green Staff Canteen

TOPCO HQ Employee Canteen passed the certification of Green Dining Pledge We practice green diet and environmental sustainability. In 2022, the employee canteen at HQ passed the Green Dining Guide (GDG) certification, becoming a member of the GDG.

Social Feedback

Industry-university cooperation invested NT$6.32 million

TSC Thesis Award

Sports enterprise, sports promoter

Sponsoring and training base-level baseball players with scientific training

Building multifunctional facilities for young and old people

Taipei University Sports Center-Sanxia Campus

To support the art competition organized by Yilan Children’s Dreamworks

Anyo Museum participated in the Yilan Children’s Dreamworks art competition to invigorate local tourism

Supply Chain

0 points

Customer Satisfaction (Out of 10)

0 points

Staff service satisfaction (out of 10)

0 %

CSR Common Declaration Return Rate

0 %

Supplier audit ratio of up to

2022 ESG Report

TOPCO-GHG Inventory report -2022