Enterprise Sustainable Development
We actively review and implement corporate social responsibility and integrate sustainable development with routine operations in order to correspond to the sustainable development trend and make commitment for the sustainable development of the company and society.
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Care for sustainable environmental development
About 8% reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions
4% total electricity savings
13% reduction in fuel consumption for official vehicles
13.6% reduction in total water consumption
Development of Circular Economy-Taoyuan A7 Water Park Water Recycling Center
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2021 Sustainability Performance Highlights

0 %

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Reduction)

0 %

Total Electricity Reduction (Savings)

0 %

Fuel saving for official vehicles

0 %

Total water consumption decreased

0 t

Circular economy development

Taoyuan A7 Water Recycling Center
Assist in the treatment of daily domestic sewage in Taoyuan area

Operational performance hits record high

0 100 mil +

Consolidated Revenue Breakthrough

0 NTD +

Earnings per share after tax

0 NTD +

Cash dividend per share

Corporate Governance

2 female directors

Diversify the composition of the board of directors and increase the proportion of women

Top 6~20%

The company affairs evaluation ranking has been improved year by year

Risk Management Mechanism

Setting up a corporate governance committee
Risk Management Committee and Sustainability Promotion Committee

Social Feedback

Industry-university cooperation invested NT$2.47 million

TOPCO Thesis Award

Sports enterprise, sports promoter

Cultivating baseball talents

Age diverse sharing fields

TUSC Sports Center

Joint pandemic prevention

Respond to the government

Supply Chain

0 points

Customer Satisfaction (Out of 10)

0 points

Staff service satisfaction (out of 10)

0 %

CSR Common Declaration Return Rate

0 %

Supplier audit ratio of up to

TOPCO-GHG Inventory report -2021