Employee Policy

Human rights

We support and follow the spirit of human rights protection as disclosed in international standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Global Compact, and International Labour Conventions. Hence, we have established the “TOPCO SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd. Human Rights Policy” that is applicable all employees of TOPCO and its affiliates.

Five aspects of TOPCO’s friendly and happy working environment

Employee structure

We have established a well-planned human resources information system to manage personnel basic data with high efficiency and high quality and clearly understand the development status of members within the organization. Additionally, through value-added analysis, the system assists administrators in planning talent development strategies.

In response to the constantly expanding scale of operations, we hire more employees each year. By the end of 2022, we had a total of 533 employees, including 314 full-time male employees, 30 contractor male employees, 183 full-time female employees, and 6 contractor female employees.

We emphasize gender equality and engage in neither discrimination nor differential treatment based on gender to ensure workplace gender equality.

Gender Composition Ratio of Employees by Job Level

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Gender ratio of employees

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Talent recruitment and recruitment channels

We hire employees in compliance with labor laws and regulations and maintain fair employment. Employees are recruited through open and fair screening and selected based on their credentials. Besides avoiding discrimination based on race, social status, nationality, gender, age, political party, religion, political affiliation, and disabilities, we also ensure no use of child labor, right place for the right person, and talent focus in order to recruit diverse outstanding talent. If there are substantive changes in operations, we will notify affected employees according to local laws and regulations.

Through open channels, professional talent in the relevant fields is constantly recruited and evaluated with aptitude tests, language tests, math tests, and expertise tests based on the required competencies. By optimizing the recruitment process, we enhance the recruitment efficiency to ensure that each TOPCO employee can fully demonstrate their potential at each position.

In response to our constantly expanding territory, we actively recruit talent based on the concept of best demonstration of talent. Through research and development substitute services, campus talent recruitment, human resources agencies, 104 Job Bank, internal talent recommendation, employee recommendation, or social media (e.g., Facebook), we recruit like-minded talent.

By the end of 2022, 102 employees recruited in the year were still in service, including 74 male employees and 28 female employees, with most of them (70) aged 30-50 years. Overall, 19% of new employees recruited in 2022 remained in service by the end of 2022.

Mentoring system:

From the first day of arrival, each new employee is assigned a senior employee of the department as mentor. As both the new employee and mentor work on the same floor, the latter can provide the former with support at work and in daily life to help new employees smoothly adapt to the new environment.

Freedom of association

TOPCO has not established a labor union, so no group agreement has been signed.To realize a friendly workplace for employees to work without worries, labor-management meetings and Occupational Safety and Health Committee meetings are held quarterly. Representatives elected by employees and appointed by the Company discuss labor-management relations, labor-management cooperation, and occupational safety and health issues. In 2022, no environmental impacts, labor problems, or offences against human rights were reported, handled, or resolved through official grievance mechanisms. Also, there were no labor-management disputes. The labor-management relationship was harmonious, and no impacts or losses due to labor-management disputes were reported.

Code of Ethical Conduct for Employees, Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention

Based on the Company’s “Code of Ethical Conduct” and “Whistleblower Policy”, we encourage employees to report any unethical or unlawful behavior. Besides handling all reports confidentially and protecting the information and safety of whistleblowers, we will reward them based on the situation. Additionally, we have established a special mailbox for sexual harassment complaints to provide employees with a working environment free of sexual harassment. We also take appropriate precautionary action and corrective action and give necessary punishment.