Operational performance

In 2022, with the joint efforts of the management team and all colleagues, we will continue to expand product projects and market scale, and improve revenue and performance. In order to stabilize the supply and continue to increase the stocking level, the shipments of wafers, photoresist, quartz, and special chemicals for the semiconductor production process on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have grown significantly compared with last year, and the profit has also increased relatively.
In the booming semiconductor market, TOPCO’s operating performance in the past three years (2020~2022) has continued to grow, with outstanding performance in terms of operating gross profit, operating net profit and after-tax net profit.

Revenue in the past three years

Up 18%

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Operating performance in the last three years

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Green investment

In 2022, the Board approved the inclusion of ESG assessment and analysis in both short-term or long-term investments. Our current green investments cover environmental engineering projects such as pure and waste water treatment, waste disposal, and cleanrooms; renewable projects such as solar power stations, fishery and electricity symbiosis; and self-owned power stations of about 40MW. The macro investment proportion in the last three years increased year after year.

Statistics on green investment amounts

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Green deposit

Actively participate in green finance, create positive impacts and long-term benefits on the environment and society through deposits, and use this to incorporate sustainable projects into the company’s strategic planning to demonstrate the importance of sustainable development. Set up a green deposit with Cathay United Bank to support the use of funds in green financing and refinancing.

ESG Index-Linked Loans

By signing ESG Index-Linked Loans with E.SUN Bank, cooperating banks will voluntarily reduce the loan interest rate when we meet the contractual requirements for GHG emission inventory each year during the loan period, so that we can invest in sustainable development with greater flexibility. Apart from demonstrating the value of sustainable development, we also enjoy financial incentives.

Tax Policy

  1. Comply with the tax regulations of the operating locations and disclose tax information periodically to enhance the Company’s information transparency.
  2. Implement transactions among affiliates according to the arm’s length principle.
  3. No use of tax havens or tax planning for the purpose of tax avoidance.
  4. No transfer of the Company’s profit to low-tax-rate countries without substantive operations.
  5. Consider the influence of tax in important corporate decisions.
  6. Strengthen professional tax competency through continuous talent development.

Honors and credits

Chairman Guo Zhihui of Chongyue Group was listed among the top 100 CEOs in Taiwan.

TOPCO Group Chairman Jyh-Huei, Kuo was selected by Harvard Business Review (HBR), and was selected as one of the “Taiwan Top 100 CEOs” in October 2020, affirming TOPCO Group’s long-term layout and emphasis on corporate social responsibility and sustainability operate. Under the leadership of Jyh-Huei, Kuo, the chairman of the group, the group has stepped into the circular economy from the semiconductor industry and actively invested in wastewater treatment and anti-pollution equipment;

Taiwan’s Top 100 CEOs focus on the long-term performance of the company. Those who make the list have the characteristics of long-term strategic planning. Compared with short-term stock price fluctuations, they care more about the long-term layout of the future, and are actively looking for the second or even third growth curve of the company.

Robert Lai , Vice Chairman of TOPCO Group, won the award of Chinese perfession Management Association.

"National Outstanding CEO Award"

Founded in 1963, the Association of Enterprise Managers of the Republic of China is the largest, longest-running, most active, and most well-known association of professional business managers in Taiwan. For many years, we have held the “National Outstanding Achievement Award”, “National Outstanding CEO Award” and “National Outstanding Manager Award” to commend business leaders who have achieved success in business operations and contributed to social development. Robert Lai, vice chairman of the Group, was awarded the 5th “National Outstanding CEO Award” in December 2020, affirming TOPCO Group’s strengthening of performance management, driving the group’s revenue to rise, deepening the semiconductor industry, and continuing to diversify the layout of environmental protection and green Can reach the big health business.

Chairman of TOPCO Technology Jerffery Pan was awarded the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China

"Excellent Merchant of the Republic of China"

The purpose of the “Golden Merchants Award” is to select outstanding businessmen who have made great contributions to Taiwan’s economic growth. The fields span international economic and trade exchanges, green energy transformation, financial innovation, and innovative application industries of emerging technologies. Chairman Jeffery C.L. Pan stood out from among the outstanding operators of industrial and commercial enterprises, and was awarded the “Excellent Businessman of the Republic of China” by the National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China in 2020.

President Tsai Ing-wen received the Gold Merchants Award winners on the eve of the Golden Merchants Awards Ceremony and thanked the winners for their persistent efforts in different fields.

"Top 2000" ranked 40th in service industry and 12th in IC channel

According to the Top 2000 Enterprises Survey published in Volume 724 of CommonWealth Magazine in May 2023, we were ranked 12th in the “ICT and IC Retailing Industry” and 35th among the Top 2000 Service Businesses in Taiwan, showing our ongoing ranking each year. From the 94th in 2013, our ranking in the Top 2000 has been rising annually.

Awarded the Gold Award and LongTerm Sponsorship Award of the Sports Activist Awards of the Sports Administration, MOE

Awarded the Gold Award and LongTerm Sponsorship

TOPCO won the “Sports Enterprise Certification” sponsored by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education. It is commended that TOPCO still implements caring for employees and corporate social responsibility while expanding its business. Through sports promotion, it takes into account the physical and mental health of employees, and provides relevant resources to help employees develop Regular exercise habits, supporting the development of Taiwan’s sports industry with the strength of the enterprise。

TOPCO is committed to sports promotion. In 2011, it established a first-class baseball team – Anyong Fresh Baseball Team. It responds to and supports national football sports and promotes sports to the lives of employees and customers. It is entrusted to operate the Taipei University Sports Center and invests tens of millions to create sports. The center’s hardware and software equipment promotes sports to local communities, providing affordable and high-quality fitness, aerobic courses and various sports fields for the people in the Sanxia Dist. and Yingge Dist..

"CHR Healthy Corporate Citizenship Bronze Award" by Health Magazine

From healthy catering to sports promotion, has two-pronged approach from the inside out, and won the Bronze Award of the “Healthy Corporate Citizenship Award” from “Healthy Magazine”. TOPCO Group aims to become an enterprise with a sense of happiness. Robert Lai, vice chairman of the group, said: “Caring for the physical and mental health of employees, cultivating employees’ self-worth, the higher the employee’s sense of accomplishment, the more efficient and productive they can be improved.”

Awarded the Best Performance Award, Corporate Sustainability Report Silver Award at the TCSA

The Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Reporting Award is to commend enterprises in the three aspects of environment, society, and corporate governance, implement the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and conform to international norms and evaluation criteria. In the “13th TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award in 2020”, TOPCO won the double honor of “Taiwan Sustainability Enterprise Excellence Award” and “Corporate Sustainability Report Gold Award”.