Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

We have established a comprehensive remuneration policy and framework and performance bonus regulations for salary employees based on their education, seniority (service length), experience, and duties in order to attract, encourage, reward, and retain outstanding talent. Besides ensuring no differential treatment of employees based on gender, we also meet the CSR employee safety and the Company’s regulations to maintain a reasonable and fair salary structure and thereby encourage employees to improve competence and create better performance.

Besides the regulatory standards, we offer more benefits that employees need to help employees balance work, mental and physical health, and life.

Hence, we have designed a flextime policy, new employee mentor systems, and entertainment allowances for various employee club activities, employee travel, family days, and arts and culture appreciation. There are also other benefits, including marriage allowance, birth allowance, bereavement support payment, monthly birthday parties, nursery/daycare benefits, rewards for outstanding employees, and rewards for senior employees. At the Taipei Headquarters, we have employee canteens and a health supermarket run by affiliates to provide employees with healthy low-oil and low-salt food

We have implemented the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees solve problems and regain happiness in order to demonstrate the best work capacity. The scope of EPA covers psychological, legal, health and medical, and financial consultation services.

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In 2022, we signed the “Green Dining Declaration” and joined the “Green Diet Guide” initiative. To blend green diet with the corporate culture and encourage employees to start green diet from themselves so as to influence their family and friends, we have implemented the employee canteen transformation.

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