Promotion of supplier collaboration and management

As a multifaceted agent of high-tech materials and equipment, our scope of services covers semiconductor materials, optoelectronic materials and equipment, and electronic materials. In 2022, we maintained transactions with amounts over NT$1 million with about 88 suppliers.

Starting out with value creation, we created service quality as expected by customers with stable quality, punctual delivery, quick service, and stringent supplier management through supply chain management. We maintain close collaboration with suppliers to achieve mutual growth, which is an essential part of our sustainable operations.

Selection of quality and integral suppliers

We voluntarily adhere to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) and agree to abide by the anti-corruption regulations of operating locations. To set the standards for corporate governance and CSR and establish the risk control mechanism, we uphold the principle of zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption. From May 2019, we requested all new suppliers to sign the CSR Declaration. At the end of the year, we followed up the performance. In 2022, 97.6% of suppliers already signed the declaration (including suppliers already that implemented CSR).

Engineering suppliers are requested to provide the “Supplier Ethical Transaction Declaration” for the purchasing unit to conduct investigation, create files, and assess their capacity.

"CSR" return rate statistics

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Note: The 2021 return rate was lower than that of 2020 mainly because suppliers did not really understand the content of the CSR Declaration. After active communication and awareness education, the return rate increased in 2022.

Joint commitment of TOPCO and suppliers:

Implement sustainable development in routine supply chain management

We adopt the Joint CSR Declaration for important suppliers, invite important suppliers to abide by the RBA Code of Conduct, commit to enforcing corporate governance, develop environmental sustainability, maintain social welfare, and enhance CSR information disclosure.
We insist that all suppliers must respect workers and include Human Rights Assessment in new supplier selection, request suppliers to respect employee human rights in accordance with international standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Social Accountability International, and Ethical Trading Initiative, and behave in conformity to human rights in issues including voluntary labor, no child labor, statutory working hours, statutory wage, humane working environment, no discrimination due to gender/nationality/race/disabilities, and freedom of association. We request all suppliers to respect employee human rights for employees to work in a friendly working environment without worries.