Stakeholder Identification

At TOPCO, we value communication with stakeholders. Besides maintaining sound communication and interaction with stakeholders, we also identify, prioritize, validate, and review the management processes of material topics based on the principles of sustainability context, materiality, integrity, and inclusiveness as stated in the GRI Standards. The ESG Promotion Committee convened a cross-department meeting, with the chairperson and CEO participating in the identification process. After frequent discussions of senior officers and unit supervisors, potential principal stakeholders for communication were identified. The methods and processes of identification are as follows:

Personnel of each department discussed about the stakeholders involving in business activities, interaction, and exchange to determine the types and targets of stakeholders. Then, they assessed stakeholder groups in terms of the attributes of stakeholders as specified in AA 1000 SES: dependency, responsibility, influence, diverse perspectives, and tension. After the discussion between the ESG Promotion Team and senior officers, the following five stakeholder groups were identified: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and external parties (the general public, the government, local communities, the media, and NGO academic units). To address the issues that concern stakeholders, we have established various communication mechanism to exactly address stakeholders with their expected information.

Results of stakeholder identification