TOPCO Vision

Excellence via Perfection

We constantly invest in creating high-growth and high-value business. Based on the solid technology and experience in high-tech industries, we vertically integrate business models and horizontally connect industry resources to combine technology, environmental protection, green energy, daily life, sports, and health in TOPCO’s meticulous business network in order to provide total daily life solutions.

Enhance visibility and deepen the sense of presence: We have been engaged in the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries for a long time to provide customers with excellent, accurate, and rapid service quality, actively integrate new technology applications, combine innovative business models, and create core business value to become the first-choice business partner of customers for pursuing innovation and improvement together.

Create a supply chain partner platform: Team up with micro, small, and medium suppliers to go beyond Taiwan and serve overseas customers and win contracts together. Provide supply chain partners with the things they are missing in the value chain, including market intelligence, marketing, logistics, and warehousing.

Actively develop new green services: In response to the global trends of environmental protection, green energy, energy conservation, and carbon reduction, we uphold our CSR to keep a constant track on environmental protection issues, and make long-term investments in the R&D of wastewater treatment technologies and products complying with the latest environmental protection laws and regulations to resolve the wastewater treatment problems of customers’ high-tech plants. Over the years, we have successfully developed wastewater treatment systems for the development process, copper process, grinding and cutting solvents, porous solid biological carrier, and fluorine-containing wastewater, and total recovery, zero emission technology. By offering solar energy, green construction materials, and sludge and wastewater treatment products, technical services, system integration services, and EPC services through subsidiaries such as Jia Yi Energy Co., Ltd. and ECO Technical Services Co., Ltd., we have been engaged in wastewater technology development for years to pursue the best human well-being in daily life and thereby achieve sustainable business development.

Continuously develop the healthcare industry: Upholding our advantages and core capabilities in high-tech industries accumulated over the years, we will extend technology to the food, aquatic product, tourism, sports, hospitality, and biomedicine industries; establish and operate sports centers; introduce professional services including healthy diets, scientific testing, and periodic consultation services to correspond to UN’s sustainable agenda of health promotion and pursue public well-being in pace with the world based on an attitude of pursuing perfection in semiconductor manufacturing.

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